Licensing and activation

Overview of licensing and activation for the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform.

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Beginning from the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform version, the license file functionality has been removed from the product. Customers are licensed according to the current agreement in effect for the products purchased including, but not limited to, quantities and license term. Entitlements continue to be enforced by image pull secret.

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform used a license file as part of provisioning access to the product with all supported versions prior to

Contact your sales representative or StackRox support if you don’t have a license and need an older version of StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform.

License expiration

When your license expires, the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform goes into a locked state. In the locked state:

  • All logged-in users are logged out automatically.
  • Users won’t be able to log in.
  • The API stops working.
  • All policy assessment and enforcement actions stop.
  • Only the license upload function works.

License activation

To unlock the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform, activate your license. You can upload your license by using:

Use StackRox portal

  1. Open the StackRox portal.
  2. Select Upload New License Key, and upload your license file.
    Upload New License Key
    Upload New License Key

Use roxctl CLI

  1. Download the roxctl command-line interface (CLI):

  2. If you are using macOS or Linux, make the file executable:

    chmod +x roxctl
  3. Save your license text into a file.

  4. Apply your license:

    export ROX_LICENSE_FILE=<path-to-license>
    export ROX_CENTRAL_ADDRESS=<address-with-port>
    roxctl -e "$ROX_CENTRAL_ADDRESS" -p $(cat stackrox/password) central license add --license=@"$ROX_LICENSE_FILE"
  • Licenses aren’t specific to individual installations of StackRox Central. You can use the same license to redeploy StackRox Central.
  • When you update the license, the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform uses the old license until it expires. After its expiry, the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform automatically applies and uses the new license.


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