Release notes: 3.0.54

Find out what's new in version 3.0.54.

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The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform version 3.0.54 includes bug fixes, and system changes. In this version, we’re also laying the groundwork for exciting new features in forthcoming releases. To upgrade to this release from a previous version, see the Upgrade StackRox section.

Release date: January 13, 2021

Important bug fixes

  • ROX-6248: We’ve fixed an issue where automatic upgrades would sometimes fail for Sensor with a failure message immutable ClusterIP.

Important system changes

Network baseline

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform now discovers the network flows and creates a baseline based on the regular network activity in your clusters. It also automatically updates the baseline as your infrastructure changes. In future releases, we’ll add the ability to configure alerts and block network activity for connections that don’t exist in the baseline. For more information, see Network baseline.


Beginning from the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform version 3.0.54, the automatic and on-demand backups includes Central certificates.


  • ProcessWhitelistService(/v1/processwhitelists/*): We’ve deprecated all processwhitelists/* endpoints, use /v1/processbaselines/* instead.
  • ResolveAlert(/v1/alerts/{id}/resolve): We’ve deprecated the whitelist request body parameter, use the add_to_baseline request body parameter instead.
  • ListDeploymentsWithProcessInfo(/v1/deploymentswithprocessinfo): We’ve deprecated the deployments.whitelist_statuses response body parameter, the API now returns the deployments.baseline_statuses instead.

Environment variable

We’ve deprecated the ROX_WHITELIST_GENERATION_DURATION environment variable, use ROX_BASELINE_GENERATION_DURATION instead.

Image versions

ImageDescriptionCurrent version
MainIt includes Central, Sensor, Admission Controller, and Compliance. It also includes roxctl for use in Continuous Integration
Scanner DBStores image scan results and vulnerability
CollectorCollects runtime activity in Kubernetes or OpenShift


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