Use out-of-box policies

Information about the default security policies.

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The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform includes a set of default policies that provide broad coverage to identify security issues and ensure best practices for security in your environment.

These default policies have pre-configured parameters and belong to categories such as:

  • Anomalous Activity
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • DevOps Best Practices
  • Kubernetes
  • Network Tools
  • Package Management
  • Privileges
  • Security Best Practices
  • System Modification
  • Vulnerability Management

You can edit these categories or create your own categories. When you create your own category, a new widget displays information about that category on the Dashboard.

To view the default policies:

  1. Navigate to Platform Configuration > System policies.

Policies List
Policies List

The Policies view lists the default policies and includes the following parameters for each policy:

  • Name: a short name for the policy.
  • Description: a longer, more detailed description of the alert for the policy.
  • Lifecycle: corresponds to which phase of the container lifecycle (build, deploy, or runtime) this policy applies, and the phase at which enforcement would be applied (if enabled).
  • Severity: a ranking of the policy (Critical, High, Medium, or Low) for the amount of attention required.


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