Risks report

Learn how to generate risks reports for your clusters.

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The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform gives scores to all deployments based on their risk, by using a logarithmic heuristic algorithm to help you decide which deployments require immediate attention. Use the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform to get a single report on all running deployments across all clusters, ordered by risk priority.

If you don’t have any deployments running in your clusters, use the instructions below to evaluate the results of security assessments and policy violations.

  1. Create a new namespace:

    kubectl create ns test
  2. Run a few containers with known vulnerabilities:

    kubectl run smb --labels=app=smb --image=docker.io/vulnerables/cve-2017-7494 -n test
    kubectl run struts --labels=app=struts --image=docker.io/piesecurity/apache-struts2-cve-2017-5638 -n test

    The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform automatically scans these deployments for security risks and policy violations when they’re submitted to Kubernetes.

  3. Select Risk from the left-hand navigation menu. To see the risk assessment for these deployments, type smb in the filter box and press Enter, then type struts and press Enter. Or, simply scroll through the view.

    Image scan results may take a moment to appear.

You can use the Risk view evaluate security risks across clusters in the StackRox portal.


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