Policy categories

Learn about the StackRox default policy categories and creating new policy categories.

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform provides built-in policy categories, such as Vulnerability Management, DevOps Best Practices, Network Tool usage, and System Modification. The Dashboard view uses these categories to display information as widgets for violations in each category. You can also create custom categories and display their data on the dashboard. For example, you can group all workflow related errors into a Workflow category.

This section helps you explore the use of policy categories.

1. Create a new policy category

Follow the instructions to create a custom policy category called Investigation to group issues that need attention by a security team member.

  1. Navigate to Platform Configuration > System Policies.
  2. In the policies view, scroll down and select the Latest tag policy to view its details.
  3. In the policy details panel header, select Edit.
  4. Under the Categories section, enter Investigation, and select Create Investigation to create a new category.
  5. Select Next (twice) in the policy details panel header.
  6. Select Save.

2. View policy category widget on the dashboard

  1. Select Dashboard from the left hand navigation menu.
  2. The new category Investigation appears as a widget on the dashboard (if there are active violations).
  3. Select the widget to display the Violations view (with applied filters) that match the Investigation category.


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